The team behind the stunning interior of the new SUV reflect on what inspired their latest creation

While the striking exterior design of the Mazda CX‑30 is guaranteed to attract attention with its constantly evolving reflections when on the move, the beautiful interior is no less impressive. With its minimalist look, ability to carry all occupants in comfort, generous cargo space and impeccable quality, the cabin sets a new standard for Mazda SUVs. Chief designer Ryo Yanagisawa is justifiably proud of his team’s work, and says: ”I am confident that its flowing form and refined interior will strike the eye as a singularly beautiful piece of work.” Mazda Stories met Yanagisawa, program manager Naohito Saga and interior designer Filip Boshevski to find out what inspired their creation and to talk us through the highlights.


One of the major benefits of the CX‑30 is that it provides a relaxing environment for all its occupants. Yanagisawa explains: “we introduced a wing design theme concept for the interior, meaning ‘wrapping’ the occupants in together with the driver’s cockpit. This way, the driver feels special while the passengers aren’t feeling left out. Family members and friends can feel that they’re sharing the same space.” inspiration was also sought from Japanese philosophy. Filip Boshevski reflects: “the word ma is deeply rooted in Japanese philosophy and is to do with creating a respectable space among interior elements, so the environment doesn’t feel cluttered but harmonious. The concept was implemented in the pursuit of Japanese purity and undistracted driving.”

“I am confident that its flowing form and refined interior will strike the eye as singularly beautiful.”

Ryo Yanagisawa,
Mazda CX-30 Chief Designer


According to Yanagisawa, Mazda set out to achieve an intricate design that evokes a sense of comfort and pleasure each time you look at or touch the car’s interior. “For example, the centre console speaks of the height, width and presence of an SUV and brings together both strength and beauty in its design,” he says. “And the door trims and the shadows cast from their wing-shaped upper sections give the interior a snug, enveloping feel.”


The high quality of the CX‑30’s cabin is immediately obvious. Program manager Naohito Saga stresses: “All the switches have a consistent feel unique to Mazda. The outstanding technology behind these enables the driver to control feedback to the fingers when touched for a consistent impression, no matter what type of switch it is and wherever it’s positioned.” Another stand-out feature is the elegant stitching throughout the interior. “During the design process, we referenced furniture and leather products by luxury brands to see how material was layered and stitching was treated,” Yanagisawa says. “By narrowing our options down to only the truest expression of quality at the beginning, we were able to enhance the sense of refinement throughout the cabin.”

Vehicle shown not to Canadian specification

Words Shogo Hagiwara

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