Severn to Gravenhurst, Ontario

One hour

“Outside the Toronto area, there’s an abundance of great driving roads—you just have to know where to look.”

Jud Buchanan, motorsports organiZer and founder of Vehicle Dynamics Group

One of my favourite drives is an hour north of Toronto, starting in Simcoe County. For me, the best driving roads are the ones where I feel connected with the tarmac. The more twists, the more excitement, the better, as carving through technical turns without any traffic is what I really enjoy. This drive has all that, and great stops along the way.

If you’re the outdoorsy type or simply enjoy a nice hike, stopping at Hardy Lake Provincial Park is a must! The trails offer something for everyone, ranging from three to eight kilometres with various difficulty levels. During the fall months, the rich shade of orange leaves adds to the excitement and if you happen to take a drive at night, you can stargaze at the Torrance Barrens Dark-Sky Preserve. Just make sure to stop and look at the stars, rather than attempt it while driving!

The route concludes in Gravenhurst, which offers up an abundance of restaurants and activities. Try the Oar Restaurant, the Sawdust City Brewing Company, and Muskoka Wharf featuring RMS Segwun, North America’s oldest steamship still in operation.

For me, this drive checks all the boxes of a fantastic getaway drive and then some. What else could you want?


The drive begins on South Sparrow Lake Road, just off of Highway 11. Head northwest on a two-lane road flanked by tall trees, eventually going east on Canning Road to the cottage-resort area of Sparrow Lake.

The twists, turns and blind crests truly begin when you continue that northwest path on Southwood Road. Turn right onto Frank Miller Memorial Route at Torrance and continue southeast to Gravenhurst. As a bonus, you can shortcut the route back to Toronto via Highway 11, or just drive the same route back in the opposite direction. Google map

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